At Fareport Training we are here to help you get the maximum benefit from your apprenticeship programme. 
1. Ask for help if you need it. 
Especially from your line manager/mentor. Stay in touch with your trainer too. Questions are good! πŸ—£ 
2. Avoid burnout. 
Maintain a work/life balance and follow the top tips! 😫 
3. Time management is key.  
Take time to complete your apprenticeship at work not at home (don’t feel guilty). An apprenticeship means balancing work and training. Make a plan, prioritise tasks/workload, and learn to say a respectful 'no' if you're over resourced, explaining why to your manager (they don’t always know every single job that you are doing). βŒ› 
4. Log all learning on your OneFile journal.  
Every task has a reason behind it. Try to understand how your work fits into the bigger picture of your team or the company. This deepens your knowledge and shows you care about making a real contribution. πŸ“ 
5. Get Proactive, Not Just Reactive.  
Take on any opportunities to learn and attend any relevant training sessions. Don't wait for tasks to be assigned. Show initiative, ask questions, and offer to help on different projects. This demonstrates a desire to learn and a willingness to take on more. πŸ’‘ 
6. Learn from others.  
Network, observe, shadow and learn from others as much as possible. Build connections with colleagues inside and outside your immediate team. Attend relevant events when you can – you never know what opportunities a simple conversation might spark. πŸ‘― 
7. Own Your Learning.  
Your apprenticeship is your job, don’t see them as two separate things. Apprenticeships are about growth. Take responsibility for identifying areas where you want to improve and discuss them with your mentor. πŸ” 
8. Don’t question your ability.  
You deserve to be where you are. Mistakes are a natural part of learning. Own them and focus on how you can do better next time, and don't be afraid to ask for assistance when you need it. ☠ 
9. Revisit your goals often.  
Stay focused, motivated and on track with your programme. See feedback as a chance to grow. Ask for it regularly. Don't take it personally; use it constructively for improvement. πŸ₯… 
10. Remember why you started in the first place! 🎯 
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