Have you started an apprenticeship or are supporting an apprentice? Do you have new responsibility or a change of workload? Are you having a tough week? – You need to talk! 
This week is National Conversation Week, and this year it is focused on the inquisitive side of conversation, the one that helps us gain an understanding of the world around us – asking questions. 
“Why" you may ask! 
Asking questions is incredibly important, as questions help us to develop deeper knowledge and boost confidence. They facilitate the exchange of ideas, fuel innovation as well expanding the human connection. It can give you a whole new perspective! 
However, whether it’s concerns over wasting someone’s time, admitting they don’t understand, worries about make a fool of themselves or a general lack of self-assurance – for some people, or in some situations, asking questions is a total no-go. Instead, it is often easier to keep up the appearance that we know the answer, by smiling nodding and bluffing. The downside to this is that we can end up missing the opportunity to find out something new or walk away without the understanding we need” 
National Conversation Week is all about the simple, pleasurable, and rewarding art of simply talking to each other 
Benefits of talking 
Form social bonds 
Help others 
Share ideas 
Voice opinions 
Enhance understanding 
Build confidence 
Learn from others 
Stay engaged 
Put things into perspective – take weight off your shoulders 
Gain clarity 
Build resilience to help you cope 
Build a support network 
Asking questions is key to learning 
Consider - 
Types of questions (for comprehension or to clarify) 
What does ..... mean? 
What do you think about .....? 
Purposes of questions – plan what you want to say 
Why not combine the talk with a walk in May as it’s National Walking Month. Take the chance to: 
Get some fresh air 
Chat in a more relaxed atmosphere 
Stay fit and healthy 
Increase energy levels 
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