Once you've selected a training provider, how can you set up your apprenticeship programme for success, and reduce the risk of any challenges? How can you work most effectively with your training provider? 
We understand the factors that contribute to a successful programme from working with hundreds of large employers and gathering regular feedback. 
From the employer’s side the best things you can do are: 
Select a strong and responsive lead from L&D or HR who can address issues directly with learners and managers and ensure that momentum lasts through the programme, not just at the start 
Ensure both line managers and senior management are supportive of the apprenticeships and that managers or mentor have regular discussions with their learners 
Plan the capacity to release learners for training and off the job learning and ensure managers know this is important to your business, even when workloads are high 
Select learners based on their ability, commitment and capacity and not as a reward 
Be willing to learn and improve the programme together 
Use additional activities like an outward bound or gathering learners from across the business to motivate them and offer peer support 
Celebrate success and shout about your employees’ achievements in your marketing or through a graduation event 
As a training provider, we do the following to give the programme the best chance of success: 
Create close working relationships between our account manager, the employer team, line managers and trainers. Raise and resolve issues quickly. 
Hold multiple briefing with learners and managers outlining the commitment required 
Tailor resources and activities to the employer’s objectives and learners’ needs 
Send detailed monthly progress reports to all interested parties 
Work through any issues with the employer to find a solution, and adapting the programme mid-flight if needed 
Build a deep understanding of the employer over time 
Ensure learners have continuity of support from the same trainer wherever possible 
Support the employer to market the programme and celebrate success 
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