The Apprentice Minimum Wage is set to rise on 1st of April 2023, from £4.81 to £5.28 per hour. At Fareport, we believe that employers should look beyond this if they want to recruit and retain the best apprentices. 
The Low Pay Commission, and campaigns such as Back the Future, have highlighted that the apprenticeship wage is a disincentive for those who are considering a programme. It disadvantages those who can’t afford to have a period at lower wages, even if in the long term the apprenticeship will improve their career prospects and earning potential. Apprenticeships should be open to all, but low apprenticeship wages can decrease social mobility. 
Employers can pay the apprentice rate if their employee is either aged under 19, or aged 19 or over and in the first year of their apprenticeship. We always encourage employers we work with to advertise and recruit above the Apprentice Minimum Wage. This ensures that the company attract a good selection of candidates, and also improves the likelihood that the apprentice will perform well in the programme and stay to complete it. 
The job market is still competitive for the best candidates. Particularly in the South of England, jobs receive low or no applications when the salary is set close to the Apprentice Minimum Wage. Candidates can’t afford to live on the apprentice wage and will choose another apprenticeship or a higher paid job without training. With the soaring cost of living, this issue is only going to become more pressing. Employers expect a lot from their new hires, and so we encourage them to pay what they can afford, ideally on a par with others doing similar roles. 
Paying a fair wage means that the apprentice can have a decent standard of living during their programme and not be subject to financial worries. It means they are less likely to be tempted by other job offers when they are part way through their programme - drop out rates are higher for apprentics on low wages. The best employers want to invest in their apprentices for the long term and know that they will be valuable members of the workforce who can progress within the company once they have completed their qualification. 
You can find out more and pledge your backing for fair wages and social mobility in apprenticeships through the Back the Future campaign. 
Contact us if you'd like more information on the Apprentice Wage, or you're interested in recruiting. 
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