Data Analyst Apprenticeship  
Embark on a transformative journey with our Level 4 Data Analyst Apprenticeship and  
equip your key stakeholders with unique insights to enhance strategic decision-making processes. 
Duration: 13 Months Taught Time 
Start Dates: TBC 
Study Modes: Fully remote online teaching and coaching with a range of interactive activities  
Qualifications Achieved: Level 4 Data Analyst Apprenticeship  
Entry Requirements: TBC 
Cost: This programme costs £15,000 – all covered through the Apprenticeship Levy. Even if employers don’t pay into the Levy, they will only pay 5% of the full price, with the remaining 95% being paid for by the Government. 

This course is suitable for: 

      Finance  Teams 

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      HR  Teams 

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Course Modules (Click Module titles to expand text)  
In the Data Fundamentals and Lifecycle module, you'll get a solid introduction to the basics of data management. We'll guide you through the entire data lifecycle, from collecting and storing data to processing and analysing it. This module is ideal for anyone eager to build a strong foundation in data analytics in an easy-to-understand format. 
In our Data Analytics & Excel module, you'll learn how to use Excel for practical data analysis. This module covers how to manipulate, analyse, and visualize data effectively, giving you the skills to provide useful insights and make informed decisions. It’s perfect for anyone looking to enhance their data handling abilities in a friendly, approachable way. 
In our Data Cleaning, Transformation & Pre-processing module, you’ll learn the crucial steps needed to prepare data for analysis. We'll show you how to clean data, transforming it into a format that’s ready for analysis, and teach you pre-processing techniques to ensure accuracy and relevance. 
In the Data Visualization & Data Storytelling module, you'll discover how to turn complex data into compelling visual stories. We’ll teach you how to use tools and techniques to create clear and engaging data visualizations that can inform and persuade your audience. 
In our Data Modelling & Combining Sources module, you’ll learn how to build data models and merge information from different sources into a cohesive dataset. We’ll cover the techniques for structuring data effectively and combining disparate data elements to uncover new insights. 
In the Data Mining and Statistical Analysis module, you'll explore how to extract meaningful patterns and insights from large datasets. We’ll teach you statistical methods to analyse data and make predictions. 
In our Data Structure and Databases module, you’ll learn about the organization of data within databases and how to efficiently manage it. We cover different data structures and their applications, along with the fundamentals of database design and implementation. 
In the Machine Learning & Data Analytics module, you’ll learn the basics of machine learning techniques and how they can be applied to analyse data. We'll guide you through different machine learning models and show you how to use these tools to predict outcomes and enhance decision-making. 
In our Organisational Data module, you'll learn how to manage and analyse data within the context of an organization. We'll explore how data flows through various business processes and how it can be leveraged to improve operational efficiency and strategic decision-making. 
In the Legislation and Security Standards Applied to Data Analytics module, you’ll learn about the key legal and security guidelines that govern the use of data. We cover important legislation like GDPR and the best practices for data security, helping you ensure compliance and protect data integrity. 
In our Stakeholder Engagement and User Experience in Data Analytics module, you’ll discover how to effectively communicate with stakeholders and enhance the user experience through data-driven insights. We'll teach you strategies for presenting data in ways that engage and resonate with diverse audiences, ensuring your analytics projects meet user needs and expectations. 
In the Presenting Data Analysis Concepts & Projects module, you'll learn the art of communicating your data analysis findings clearly and effectively. We'll guide you through creating compelling presentations and visualizations that can tell the story of your data to any audience. 
In our Portfolio & EPA Preparation module, you'll learn how to build a professional portfolio that showcases your data analysis skills and projects. We'll also prepare you for the End Point Assessment (EPA), ensuring you have all the necessary tools and confidence to excel. 

 Tools & Technologies you will learn... 

If you'd like to learn more about our Data Analyst Course, please register your interest below and we will be in touch. 
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