Seems simple, doesn’t it? There are a wide range of reasons that some apprentices leave their programme early or fail to complete. Through working with thousands of apprentices we know that an effective partnership between the training provider and the line manager can mean the difference between success and failure. 
Before the programme starts we do everything we can to set the apprentice up for success. We have a robust briefing and induction process which supports all parties to get the most out of the apprenticeship and the time spent. What we want to see is the right people on the right programmes, being challenged and bringing back the positives to the workplace. 
During the programme we hold 3-way reviews every 12 weeks to track progress, gather feedback and make any adjustments needed. 
As an employer or line manager, how can you support at each stage of the apprenticeship? 
Pre- start – what can you do? 
Attend meetings and briefings with us. Ask questions and share your objectives with us so that we can make sure you get value from the programme. 
Know who your trainer is and ask questions. 
Take time to read the requirements of the Standard and other aspects of the apprenticeship. 
Understand the assessment methods for the course and how you can support with gathering evidence. 
Understand the funding and learning requirements. 
On programme – what can you do? 
Many learners get nervous and worried at some time during their apprenticeship. How can we support them through this? 
Continue with the above and be available and offer support to your apprentice. 
Consider finding a mentor for your apprentice. Mentors do not have to be line managers. 
Have regular meetings / reviews and contact with the trainer. Open communication is crucial. 
Give your time and show empathy, flexibility and patience. 
Set clear goals and objectives. 
Set assessments to prepare for End Point Assessment which are relevant to learners’ role. 
Familiarise yourself and learner with OneFile/Standard/EPA/Off the job requirements. 
Reward efforts, not just results. 
Create development opportunities. 
Tips for coaching 
Be supportive 
Embrace silence 
Ask questions 
Give feedback 
Stay calm 
You could use the GROW Model to help your learner focus. The GROW Model is a four-step process to facilitate a conversation which will help the learner set goals and see what they want to achieve 
GROW is an acronym that stands for: 
Current Reality 
Options (or Obstacles) 
Will (or Way Forward) 
How to follow GROW: 
STAGE 1 – Establish the goal – follow SMART (specific, measurable, accurate, realistic, timely) 
STAGE 2 – What’s the current situation / reality? 
STAGE 3 – What are the options / possibilities to reach the goal? 
STAGE 4 – Establish the will 
Questions/pointers that may help you: 
What do you want to achieve from this session? 
What goal do you want to achieve? 
Visualise the goal. Picture what 10/10 looks like. How far are you towards the goal right now? (use 1-10) 
What would you like to happen? 
What would you like to accomplish? 
What result are you trying to achieve? 
Remember, this is not necessarily about you giving advice or stating what you would do (although this is important). Try to focus on the learner and what they can do
Always ask us if you want to know how you can support your learners more - we are here to support you too! 
Fareport offer short workshops at varying times throughout the year to work with employers on how you can support your apprentices.  Please contact us if this will be useful for you 
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