Apprenticeships have many benefits to the apprentices and employers who use them. Some of these you might not be aware of when you first start a programme. Read more below about the impact on loyalty, morale, productivity, confidence and soft skills. 
1. Improved skills and productivity 
The benefit most will think of first is the direct benefit to skills and productivity. Apprenticeship standards have been written by employers to give the specific skills, knowledge and behaviours that they want in their employees. 
86% of employers said apprenticeships helped them develop skills relevant to their organisation 
78% of employers said apprenticeships helped them improve productivity 
74% of employers said apprenticeships helped them improve the quality of their product or service 
2. Grow your own talent 
Apprenticeships allow you to develop a pipeline of future talent, investing in those who already thrive in your culture, rather than recruiting externally. This reduces the costs of recruitment and creates a clear path for succession. Learners will grow their network and build their profile while undertaking their learning which helps managers to identify future talent. When your employees can see a defined route through the company they are more likely to be motivated to learn and more loyal to the business. 
3. Improved employee morale and loyalty 
Related to this, apprentices see the investment their employer is making in their career, both in terms of money and time. They may get access to people in the business who they would not ordinarily speak to through mentoring, celebration events or during activities they undertake for their apprenticeship. Learning at work and developing within their role gives apprentices purpose and helps boost their motivation and loyalty. This is one of the key reasons employers give for running frequent apprenticeship cohorts. 
4. Thinking outside the box 
An apprenticeship standard requires the learner to look outside of their own role and their own company, so they often bring a new perspective on how things are done. They will need to research what is happening in their wider industry and the external market. They will learn about best practice from other companies and even other industries which they can bring back to their role. While learning new theories and methodologies they get the time to step back and reflect on how things can be done differently. Their trainer will bring an outsider’s perspective and ideas from other companies to challenge the learner’s thinking. Our employers notice that learners who have finished their apprenticeship are ready to coach others and to pass on their learning to their team. 
5. Learning that is embedded over time 
How many times have you completed a training course and been full of ideas by the end of the day or week, only to return to the office and slip back into business as usual? A key benefit of the apprenticeship is that it is delivered over at least 12 months. The programme is carefully planned so that knowledge is built up slowly, each piece of knowledge building on the last. The learning is embedded when learners put it into practice back in the workplace and receive feedback at each stage. Learners’ knowledge is regularly checked, and new skills and behaviours are observed. The learner works towards a final end point assessment where everything they have learnt comes together. This all works to ensure that the new skills and knowledge will be retained over the long term. 
6. A practical and personalised programme 
Apprenticeships contain lots of useful theories, models and knowledge. But they are also always practical. The knowledge and theory must be put into context and used in real life scenarios. Learners will be shown the practical application of the content they are learning and are regularly assessed and observed putting what they have learnt into practice. When they are done well apprenticeships are personalised to the learner and their specific job role, taking account of any additional learning needs. This helps to create real impact that lasts long after the programme is complete. 
7. Confidence 
One of the most common things apprenites say when they complete their qualification is how much it has improved their confidence. Our trainers build strong relationships with their learners and boost their confidence in their ability at work and their soft skills. The trainer takes time to understand their career aspirations and often helps them to see new opportunities that are available to them and how they can reach their goals. In addition, their confidence is boosted by the sense of achievement in completing the programme and end point assessment. Many learners state that they could not have completed without the motivation from their trainer. 
8. New soft skills 
Through the apprenticeship the learner will improve their soft skills. Their trainer will identify areas they can strengthen including time management and taking ownership for their own learning. The process of continuously receiving feedback improves levels of self-awareness and helps the learner to take accountability for their own career and personal development. 
9. Mental health and wellbeing 
Another benefit of the trusted relationship our trainers build with their learners is that many see improvements in their mental health and wellbeing. Trainers act as a mentor who can provide an impartial view, and they often support learners with wider personal and professional challenges they are facing. We take this pastoral support role very seriously and often signpost to additional support organisations when needed. 
What other benefits have you seen from your apprenticeship programmes? We would love to hear from you. 
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