Hampshire Project Management Skills Bootcamp  
Project Management can help every part of a business to run more smoothly. Learning project management models, tools and techniques can empower you to be confident in many areas of  
a business. Whether you're employed or self-employed, join us on a journey to gain new knowledge and skills to drive successful projects in your company. 

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Duration: 60 hours over 10 weeks 
Start Dates: 25th June 2024 | 12th July 2024 
Study Modes: Fully remote online teaching and coaching with a range of interactive activities 
Qualifications Achieved: APM Project Management Fundamentals (PFQ) 
Entry Requirements: Candidates must live in Hampshire, be enthusiastic about project management and be committed to developing their skills through the bootcamp. Candidates will be required to learn theory and knowledge within APM Project Fundamental qualifications in order to take the 60-minute exam while on the programme. You will get plenty of teaching and coaching to help – We are here every step of the way 
Cost: If you are a Hampshire-based sole trader, freelancer or business owner without employees the course is fully funded by Hampshire County Council (HCC). If you have 1-250 employees you must contribute 10% (£276) per employee, with the other 90% funded by HCC. If you have over 250 employees, you must contribute 30% (£828) per employee, with HCC funding the remaining 70% per employee 

 1. Which business area is our Project Management Skills Bootcamp suitable for? 

Small Business Owners 
Programme & Project Teams 

 2. Who can participate in our Project Management Skills Bootcamp?  

Self Employed 

3. Project Management Skills Bootcamp modules 

In Week 1, you will explore the fundamentals of project management, including methodologies, frameworks, and the impact of different operating environments. This module sets the foundational knowledge you need to manage projects effectively. 
In Week 2, delve into the various roles within a project team and understand the critical responsibilities of each role. You will also learn essential project planning techniques, including setting timelines and allocating tasks. 
During Week 3, learn how to integrate projects within the broader context of your organisation. This module focuses on aligning project objectives with corporate goals and adapting management strategies to suit your workplace dynamics. 
Week 4 covers how to accurately define and manage the scope of your projects, ensuring they stay within predefined boundaries. You’ll also explore strategies for effective resource allocation to meet project objectives. 
In Week 5, you will gain insights into identifying, assessing, and managing risks, maintaining the quality of projects, and the role of leadership in guiding projects towards success. 
Week 6 focuses on applying the project management principles you've learned in a real workplace setting. This module teaches techniques for effectively implementing project plans. 
In Week 7, consolidate your learning with a comprehensive review of project management fundamentals, followed by the PFQ exam to assess your understanding of the content covered throughout the course. 
Week 8 enhances your problem-solving and decision-making skills, tailored to project management scenarios. You will also learn negotiation techniques that are effective within and outside the project team. 
During Week 9, this module addresses strategies for managing interpersonal conflicts in projects and explores opportunities for personal development to enhance your project management career. 
In Week 10, conclude the bootcamp with presentations by participants, showcasing their learning and projects. This provides an opportunity to receive feedback and celebrate achievements. 

 4. Why use Fareport for your Project Management Skills Bootcamp? 

Fareport Training stands out as the premier choice for completing your Skills Bootcamp for several compelling reasons. Firstly, we go beyond traditional training methods by offering comprehensive support in both hard and soft skills. In addition to mastering project management techniques, participants receive dedicated 1on1 wellness support, ensuring holistic development and well-being throughout the program. 
Moreover, Fareport Training is proudly trusted by both the UK Government and Hampshire County Council to deliver exceptional Skills Bootcamp courses. This endorsement speaks volumes about the quality and effectiveness of our training, providing participants with peace of mind and assurance of receiving top-notch education. With Fareport Training, you're not just completing a course – you're embarking on a transformative journey towards personal and professional growth, backed by industry expertise and Government recognition. 

 5. How do you apply for the Project Management Skills Bootcamp Course? 

Ready to take your Project Management skills to the next level? Fill out our Register your Interest form and a member of our friendly Skills Bootcamps team will be in contact with you shortly to guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have. Don't miss out on this opportunity to boost your expertise and advance your career! 

 6. Register your interest in our Project Management Skills Bootcamp 

Westfield House 
PO16 0DH 
01329 825805 
For Learners / Apprentices - info@fareport.co.uk 
Opening hours 
Monday - Friday: 8am - 4pm 


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