Coaching and mentoring, both are becoming increasingly popular ways to develop employees are often confused and used interchangeably. 
If you’ve had a thought similar to this, read on. We hope we can answer some questions you may have in this blog. 
According to CIPD, 
What is coaching? 
Coaching aims to produce optimal performance and improvement at work. It focuses on specific skills and goals and may also have an impact on an individual’s personal attributes such as social interaction or confidence. The process typically lasts for a defined period of time or forms the basis of an on-going management style.” 
What is mentoring? 
Mentoring in the workplace describes a relationship in which a more experienced colleague shares their greater knowledge to support the development of an inexperienced individual. It calls on the skills of questioning, listening, clarifying and reframing that are associated with coaching.” 
In summary, 
Coaches work on specific skills or behaviours to improve performance; mentors help with broader career/life decisions with insights and wisdom from their own experiences. Both work with individuals to unlock potential. 
Always ask us if you want to know how you can support your learners more - we are here to support you too! 
Fareport offer short workshops at varying times throughout the year to work with employers on how you can support your apprentices with mentoring.  Please contact us if this will be useful for you. 
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