Your staff turnover is significantly higher than your competitors 
It is very rare that an employee will move to pastures new because of pay alone; a recent LinkedIN survey showed that a whopping 41% of people quit their jobs because of poor leadership and yet, businesses still seem to not be investing in developing strong leaders for their business. 
With dictatorial management styles being a thing of the past, it is crucial that leaders, whether they are experienced or not, are trained in new ways of working and are able to support their team members in a variety of areas whilst flying the flag for the business. 
Having well trained, supportive leaders who can align their team's values with that of the business will certainly help in reducing attrition rates. 
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You receive the same types of questions repeatedly from customers 
Are customer consistently giving you a hard time about services they receive or are they asking questions around products and services offered? If so, a lack of staff training could be to blame. If customers regularly ask similar questions it is more than likely your staff have not been trained well enough to effectively communicate information with customers. 
The quality of work is declining 
Have you noticed that the quality of work being produced is falling short of your expectations? What once was a highly motivated team has become sluggish and inefficient? This could be due to a lack of training opportunities. "But I spent thousands on training programmes just a few years ago" we hear you say, and that's great but training should be regular and consistent to make sure it is being embedded within the day to day operations. 
Without regular and consistent training, most will quickly forget the techniques they learnt on their one day training course and fail to implement them effectively. Apprenticeship programmes focus on developing, embedding and improving skills over more than a year. 
You seem to be hiring regularly but there is no visible increase in productive output 
You had 20 similar sized clients last year and 2 people managing those accounts; this year you have 25 clients and 10 people managing their accounts? Sound familiar? If one member of staff is incorrectly trained and is responsible for training new staff, it leads to a snowball effect. New members of staff will be being trained incorrectly and therefore require more time to complete tasks, which in turn, will create the requirement for more staff! 
Making sure teams are trained properly in time management, products and services and communication are just some of the key ways to see increased productivity. 
Your projects continuously run over schedule 
Do you see project deadlines come and go on a regular basis without any sign of the project actually being near completion? If so, are your teams trained sufficiently enough to manage the workload? If this is a regular occurrence for projects that should be straight forward, you should be thinking about investing in training for your teams. The right project management training programme will offer a variety of methods to support your teams in improving efficiency, productivity and, ultimately, profit. 
If any of these scenarios have struck a nerve then investing in training could be the answer and, if you are an Apprenticeship levy payer, you will be able to utilise your funding to help. 
If you are looking for some advice and guidance on how to make the most of your Levy funds we would be happy to help. 
Fareport have support over 100 employers with their levy since it was introduced last May, so why not get in touch
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